Female trio SEREBRO on time will become a Duo

Женское трио SEREBRO на время станет  дуэтом

Due to illness the group leaves 25-year-old beauty Daria Shashin.

Unlucky group SEREBRO lately… First team with scandal left Elena Temnikova, and now about leaving said Daria Shashin.

Charming blonde, which during his work as a soloist has appeared an army of fans, forced to interrupt performances because of illness… Dasha began to dissemble and frankly confessed all the fans.

“To be honest, I wanted to protect you from this information, – said Darya. But many of you may have noticed some changes in how I began to behave on stage. So I had to say… About six months ago I started having severe pain in the knee. I shrugged it off and continued to live an ordinary life – jump, run, dance, play sports… When they intensified, and I reached the doctor revealed the diagnosis of “congenital dysplasia of the knee”. This cannot be ill, it is a congenital pathology of tissue formation. The disease began to progress due to permanent loads. Well, two weeks ago – torn meniscus in his right knee. Now I threaten as much as two operations. Now the main thing – the doctors strongly recommend to stop acting…. In addition to snowboarding, yoga, I’m not allowed to simply climb stairs, run, squat and so on I don’t know what will. I continue to consult with doctors. Now waiting for a response from the Israeli clinic, where I’m on the Board of Maxim sent MRI. Never thought I will ever write like that, and especially in social networks. But I know it would be more honest towards you. In the meantime – just keep fingers crossed for me. I love you”, said Shashin.

The girl immediately bombarded with words of encouragement. In addition, hope for the best and in the producer centre of Maxim Fadeev… And it is said that about any casting and speech is not, while Dasha does not recognize the results of the treatment.

“The statement spread in the media, is not quite correct – there is no audition, and this issue will be raised only on test results, Dasha – said “StarHit” representatives PCMP. While she’s in the group, up to April will be with us until treatment begins. Of course, we don’t want to lose her. But if it is necessary, the decision of the Dasha will support”.

We will remind, in the Dasha singing group for three years. It replaced by Anastasia Karpova in 2013.

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