Volochkova has drawn the IRE of Internet users offensive publication

Волочкова вызвала гнев Интернет-пользователей оскорбительной публикацией
Ballerina called subscribers “envious aunts” and sent them to the gym.


Photo: Instagram

Anastasia seems to have decided finally to provoke
detractors, and willing to lose some fans. Ballerina published
post in the personal microblog where frankly offended some subscribers.

“To grow in the ground of ignorance and nothingness of many,
wrote the star. — You judge those who were not themselves, or couldn’t, I could.
What now? Many think it is possible to gang up on me and discuss?
Sun, have you ever “Swan lake” danced? While the shoes wore? And
blood fingers washed? So shut mongrels, who is nothing.
And you need my kids more than my projects with the kids! So wait, dear aunt
envious. I will gracefully comply. And you in the gym!”

The reaction of the subscribers do not have to wait long. “Here
why you so negative about the millions of former fans! You don’t
cost to put, even so, stick out his depraved personal life. Here
Olga Buzova in Instagram so much positivity, harmony, and admiration of the whole world,
respect for his followers that of the three thousand comments to the last post
almost no negative. People feel the attitude, and the same answer,”
wrote the indignant Internet users. Also under this post they called
Volochkova by nicknames, like “pinnipeds seal” and blamed her
ignorance, as in the original post ballerina began with the words “rostau”.
And although, after posting this, Anastasia has shared at least ten other — pleasant and positive, haters were not satisfied and continue to remember and
to discuss this post stars.