47-летняя Алена Хмельницкая в ярком бикини села на шпагат
The actress delighted fans by stretching and flawless figure.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Alena Khmelnitskaya in honor of his 47-year-old birthday
published on the social network page a provocative photo. In the picture
the actress poses in an open bathing suit, sitting on the twine.

“Happy birthday to me! — signed photo of the star. — Thank you the most
the best parents in the world! Thanks to my daughter, my love and friends for
what I am what I am, for you are beside me: happy
experience and support me! Flew away!” Celebration of Alena notes in
India, where it flew together with friends and a young lover — Alexander
By shinyshiny to spend a short vacation. Fans congratulated happy birthday happy birthday and
also admired her perfect figure and physical form. “What a beauty!
Figure — super! Class! But Anastasia Volochkova thinks she’s the only one who
knows how to make a luxury twine!” — they wrote.

The last comment was not the only one where fans of the actress likened her to a ballerina. Volochkova, by the way, this year is not
departed from its tradition to pose in favorite position. During the new year holidays Anastasia published
the photo that caused the ecstasy of her fans and anger of haters. Ballerina
presented to the subscribers to the social network page under the photo
the name “Twine-2018”, where he posed her with a broom in the bath.