Волочкова снова поскандалила. На этот раз из-за пола

The dancer did not like the scene in’gan, where she had to dance. Their dissatisfaction Anastasia openly expressed not only her concert organizers, but, as always, complained the whole world.

Well, not the life Anastasia Volochkova quiet and peaceful. Wherever a ballerina, she immediately finds himself at the center of some scandal. At this time, the star had a fight with the organizers of her concert.

Now Anastasia tours in the Orenburg region, where he gives charity concerts for children. Until yesterday all did without excesses. But’gan, where the star performed on 15 June, a scandal erupted. Ballerina were dissatisfied with the coverage of the scene where she had to dance, and made all their claims to the head area right before a full hall at the moment when he with a joyful face brought her flowers.

“You know… I Have a few distinctive qualities: exceptional courage in actions, ability to openly speak the truth and to defend it, to protect the interests of the people to be sincere and true. Today, after a concert in’gan I broke down and said what they think openly, – said Volochkova its subscribers in the microblog”.

And then told all that had happened to her. “Today was the seventh concert in a row in the Orenburg region, where I decided to give this festival, finding themselves on some of the necessary support and partially taking the expenditure part of the flight team themselves. This concert was unbearable! But not because of fatigue. And in the absence of any conditions for the holding of the concert in the Palace of culture “Jubilee”! This D. K. is just in a wretched and dilapidated condition… Plus the toilets of the house of culture was not cold, no hot water, complained a ballerina. — Lighting equipment is missing! The sound is terrible! The floor in this state of terrible and ugly that we had to remove from the program a few dance tracks, because to execute them was in that tree, swollen, with potholes, ruts and protruding iron, was in Pointe shoes is simply impossible! Yes, I wear shoes during the songs almost turned her ankle more than once! And, sorry, no toilets, no tap WAS NOT WATER…… About the state of the rest I just keep silent. Knowing in advance that this site will not cover, I bought it for the money, but it is not saved because of the terrible quality of the floor… It is necessary not to love the culture and adding value to the projects that take place in this house to bring it to such a situation and do not find it possible to achieve reconstruction! I’m sorry, but I’m not on stage all that my bewilderment was expressed by the head of the district directly in the eye when he came out…”

After the concert Volochkova in the dressing room waited for a table, however, wishing to share the feast were not so much.

“The head of the district before my concert with local children first invited to dine and discuss the possibilities of creative interaction. But, apparently, after he expressed the truth in the eye and openly in the presence of the audience he was embarrassed… And he ignored us, continued to develop the theme of Anastasia. — It happens… Nothing. I have seen it all. But we tasted the broth and talked like human beings with the lovely ladies! Members of a culture”.

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