Sparrows have fun with 49-year-old Chinese actress

Воробьев повеселился с 49-летней китайской актрисой

28-year-old artist seems to have departed from the sad finale of the reality show “the Bachelor”, where he couldn’t find a wife and have some fun with the star of the film “Taxi 3” Bai Ling.

Last night in Moscow hosted a party, which brought together the stars of Russian show business, and a famous guest of our capital Bai Ling. Judging by the pictures and video from the event, the event was held in a big way. Especially for American Actresses of Chinese descent…

During a speech Vorobyov Bai Ling took to the stage and began to dance vigorously. Russian artist first confused, but then picked up the rhythm of a new companion and also spustilsja dancing. In the end Alex and Bai Ling kiss…

A few hours later, Bai Ling has published in Instagram some photos and videos from Vorobiev, and in one of the posts talked about their relationship…

“Love is in the air. I asked him: “are You married? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?” He said, “I’m not married. All this time I waited for you” – shared Bai Ling. — Wow! I asked again: “When will you propose to me?” He said, “‘ll Do it. We will discuss this in the corner.”

Video published realbailing (@realbailing) Jun 15, 2016 at 5:17 PDT

Some time ago, we will remind, Alexey Vorobyov became the hero of the reality show “the Bachelor,” where I had to choose a companion of the 25 participants. However, for the first time in the history of the program, the artist didn’t choose any of the girls.

Later, Vorobyov explained why he left in the final show alone.

“I’m not the least those who for 13 weeks followed my personal life, dreamed about a fairy tale with a happy ending… But I can’t deceive neither himself nor others. I’ve never been someone who gives the word, the promise, and then a couple of months decides that hurry, ” said the singer. And if someone wanted to see something like that, that I am sincerely sorry that in this period of my life tale with a happy ending did not happen.” Read more HERE.

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