Rihanna repeated the trick of Ostap Bender

Рианна повторила трюк Остапа Бендера

The singer fell into the pool, but didn’t spill wine from a glass.

In the video, which appeared on the page of the channel Fashion TV in Facebook, it is visible, what dexterity showed Rihanna after falling during a holiday in Barbados.

So, the star of Attila on an inflatable Swan in the pool with a glass of wine. But at one point accidentally fell into the water. It’s amazing how the singer managed to keep the balance and with a raised hand to keep the wine spilled not. See for yourself!

Trick Rihanna would be reminded of the act of another clever person – Ostap Bender. In the movie “12 chairs”, filmed by Leonid Gaidai in 1971, if you remember, there was a moment during the party to celebrate a wedding with Madame Gritsatsuyeva Jon dragged from under Ostap Ibragimych chair, then tipster and hit the floor with a glass of wine in hand. However, the hero rose up, not spilling a drop. To assess the skill of a Bender, if you follow this link, the fragment with the fall starts at 43 min 32 sec.

By the way, a few days ago, Rihanna amazed fans publish in his microblog. The girl posted a picture of her body on the beach, which was a sight to behold. Many Internet users said that these forms Riri can overshadow the very Kim Kardashian! Read more HERE.

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