Vladimir yepifantsev has revealed new details about the runaway girl

Владимир Епифанцев раскрыл новые детали о сбежавшей девочке  The actor told how actually was acquainted with a girl from Dagestan. According to celebrity, Patimat treated him like a father. Epifantsev admitted that tried to help the girl to cope with some problems.

      Concerned parents of 14-year-old girl from Dagestan have written the application in police with the request to find their daughter. Shortly before the disappearance she confessed to loved ones that are not ready to live as before, and went to Moscow. Found out that the girl actually flew to the capital, where she met close friend. She admitted to the investigating authorities that Patimat went to Vladimir Epifantsev, which previously communicated in the Network. There she stayed for a short time, and the next day the girl was taken away by parents.

      Vladimir Epifantsev was suspected of involvement in the disappearance of a child

      The actor claims that he was not ready to meet the girl. He remembered that when I started to correspond with her by email, she claimed that she was 18 and her name is Inna. However, after a time, the teenager said that she’s only 16 years old, and the passport she Jeanne. But after six months the inhabitant of Dagestan said that she is only 14 and her name is Patimat. This did not bother the artist, so he continued their conversation. He argues that with great trepidation belonged to the girl.

      “She called me dad, and I’m her daughter. We had a very warm friendship, I was brought up, tried to control her hysterics. We agreed that she will write one poem a day. She certainly got great joy and pleasure from a visit to Moscow and from the contact that happened between us. But he was not sexy, and energetic,” said Vladimir in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

      Epifantsev admitted that Patimat suffered greatly in the family. The girl told the actor that she was beaten. Moreover, according to the schoolgirl, already in Junior high she first tried alcoholic drinks, which have since started using regularly. “She said beat her, she drinks vodka. She stated that she was given vodka at age 11. She sent me pictures with threw, which she allegedly gave the parents”, – said the artist.

      Vladimir said that knew with whom communicates. He didn’t want to limit myself in the correspondence, because he did not feel that on the other side of the screen sits a school girl. However, when he saw Patimat in real life, I was surprised she would be so thin and low girl.

      “Of course, I was in shock when I met her. I hugged her, she sat on the sofa, happy that I had guests. Girl very well knew it, too, was happy for her,” shared the actor.

      Note that, despite the fact that the family Patimat no claims to the actor, the investigating authorities continue to investigate the matter. The actor refused to testify, saying that nothing illegal was done, so he does not need to communicate with the investigation. Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the details of the incident.