Vladimir Putin was surprised by the decision of Ksenia Sobchak

Владимира Путина удивило решение Ксении Собчак The presenter opened the details of the conversation with the President, which was held after the interview for the film about her father. Before you announce your intention to run, Ksenia Sobchak told about it to Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, Ksenia Sobchak came to the CEC, to provide for the registration of votes. Colleagues of the TV presenter brought 24 of the plastic container with 150 thousand signatures. Just before important events Sobchak gave an interview in which he described the work of his staff, the conversation with Vladimir Putin and the influence of loved ones on her decision to run.

That Xenia had a conversation with the President of Russia during the filming of the movie about his father, has long been known. Celebrity reported to Vladimir Putin about his intention to participate in elections. During a recent conversation with journalists, Sobchak revealed the details of that conversation. According to Kseniya, the head of state did not expect that she decides to run.

“I think he first learned of my intentions from me. Moreover, almost sure of it, because he really was surprised,” – said a celebrity.

Ksenia explained why he decided to warn Vladimir Putin. “I thought it was natural” – shared TV presenter. She noted that was discussed long time for an interview with various heroes, including the President.

“We agreed at the beginning of the summer, but then postponed, and when it was eventually scheduled for August 19, my decision [to participate in the elections] was already made, I already talked to the first sponsors who have supported me. Knowing that I have an interview, I felt right, since to meet the President to tell him in person that going to go to elections,” says Sobchak.

Previously, the star said that Putin did not like her intention to run. “He has a certain expression that, I think, talking about it, – said Kseniya recently. He looked with such a face.” According to Sobchak, she never met personally with the President to record interviews. Prior to that, Ksenia periodically crossed paths with Vladimir Putin at public events.

Close, shared Sobchak reacted differently to her decision to take part in the elections. Some tried to dissuade Xenia, believing that it is too dangerous. Others, on the contrary, supported the presenter. “But still in the end it’s my decision, my responsibility”, – concluded the celebrity.

Now the journalist is actively engaged in campaign activity. According to Kseniya, she already has five major sponsors of the campaign. The star itself has invested over 19 million rubles from his personal funds and is going to add more. To date, the Fund Sobchak 140 million rubles, but not all of them are transferred to the election account. “It’s promises and obligations”, – said Ksenia RBC, adding that deliberately saves a large amount of money in order to deal with the procedure of refund in case of refusal of registration.