That provoked conflict between parents brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Что спровоцировало конфликт между родителями Брэда Питта и Анджелины Джоли

The perfect marriage of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt broke up. At the moment the couple for a year cannot agree on custody of 6 children, 3 own and 3 foster. It turns out that the relationship between the former spouses did not go well from the start. Brad’s parents bill and Jane pitt were in a tense relationship with Angelina. The fact that Pitt was a very warm relationship with the previous wife of the brad — Jennifer aniston.

Что спровоцировало конфликт между родителями Брэда Питта и Анджелины Джоли

The mother insisted that her divorce from aniston was a big mistake. First contact with Angelina convinced Jane pitt that they are very different people. Jolie despised traditional values of the Patriarchal family of the husband. Over time, the attitude of parents and wives of brad has not improved, and only became worse.

“Jane instantly realized that Angelina is a very difficult person. Angie never visited the relatives of brad in Missouri, and during the rare meetings he and Jane fought constantly. Another thing Jennifer aniston — she was always nice and friendly, they considered her the perfect daughter-in-law,” writes the American magazine Now. In the network there was information that Jane pitt tried to get in touch with his son’s wife, and she did not reciprocate.

The last straw was the education of the children of the couple. Parents pitt was terrified that Angelina gave to children full freedom and does not deny they could not engage in school and spent all the time at home, and each had the right to choose not only the style of behavior and clothing, but even the floor: it is known that the daughter of actors Shiloh decided to wear men’s clothes and asks to be called John.

On the stage of the divorce, Jolie and pitt are the parents of the actor could not see their grandchildren. The insider said: “Holidays for brad — the most difficult time. He misses his children more than ever. He sees them, but it’s not as often as I would like that always depend on Angelina”. As for grandparents, their parenting, the actress considers it outdated and obsolete.

“Brad and Angelina were at war about how to raise their children. Angelina took them to red carpet events and travel around the world, brad also dreamed about the opposite — training mode, discipline. And if the mother decided to treat the children as his best friends, the father wants to instill in them the values that he grew up”.

One of the reasons divorce was alcohol dependence pitt. As explained by the actor himself in a candid interview for the magazine GQ Style, their house has a winery, which brad loved to visit. Soon it became a habit and alcohol addiction. He admitted that with the advent of the family, he threw all the bad habits, except alcohol dependence. It tells the actor: “I could drink like a Russian under the table with vodka. Be a wiz.”Immediately after the divorce, he began to visit skilled professionals. Recall that for an actor the divorce was very difficult and he compared it with death.