Владимир Путин напугал гостей четвероногим телохранителем The head of state showed Japanese reporters a grown dog Yume, which settled the President four years ago. Representatives of foreign publications, found that pet Putin looks great. They also admitted that were surprised by the sudden appearance of the dog breed Akita inu.

      Владимир Путин напугал гостей четвероногим телохранителем

      The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met in the Kremlin with Japanese journalists Takayuki Fukushima and Mizoguchi, Takeshi, representing the company “Nippon” and the newspaper “Yomiuri”. In an interview with the guests from abroad the head of state has not come alone, but with the faithful bodyguard. The company Vladimir Vladimirovich made a dog of breed Akita-inu, which has long been considered a fight.

      A surprise for the President: what has become of “live” gifts of Vladimir Putin

      “I was told you wanted to see Yume, please, I introduced you to her – she’s in great shape” – with these words Putin has begun dialogue with correspondents.
      Владимир Путин напугал гостей четвероногим телохранителем

      The journalists thanked Mr Putin for given them the time and found that the dog looks funny and very cheerful. They also said that they were happy to see the pet of the head of state, once given to him by the Japanese side. At the same time, they admitted that were surprised and even disturbed by the appearance of Yume.

      “That’s right scared because she’s strict dog. A lot of people here, the camera work, the lights are shining, the cameras roll and it performs security functions,” said the President.
      Владимир Путин напугал гостей четвероногим телохранителем

      Mr Putin also mentioned that Yume has always faithfully protect his master.

      Immediately after the unexpected beginning of the meeting, dialogue with foreigners turned into a more familiar direction. The head of state admitted that is experiencing a great interest in Japanese culture, and also spoke about his passion for judo. Putin has called the sport’s first love. “It is definitely a part of my life, a very large part, and I am very pleased that it started with this my sports, regular and serious”, – said the President.

      Recall that a few days ago the Japanese wanted to give the head of state of the second puppy of Akita inu. However, after some time they changed their mind. It was reported that the gift was refused by the host country.

      In 2012, the Governor of the Northern Akita Prefecture Satake of Norihisa gave President puppy named Yume, which means “dream”. Your gift Japan expressed Russia’s appreciation for the assistance after natural disasters in 2011. In turn, Mr Putin gave Satake Siberian cat, who was named World. After a year of Norihisa told reporters that he was glad to see that Putin cares about the pet. After Satake saw the pictures on the official website of Vladimir, he found that the dog is in good shape and has almost doubled.

      Владимир Путин напугал гостей четвероногим телохранителем