Эдгард Запашный и Валерий Николаев так и не встретились в суде Counsel for the Director of the circus asked to postpone the meeting due to the illness of the plaintiff. At the end of October Edgard Zapashny has filed a lawsuit against the actor Valery Nikolaev on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. Now he added a new requirement in my application. The artist allowed himself harsh statements in the address of animals, which deeply offended the trainer.

      Эдгард Запашный и Валерий Николаев так и не встретились в суде
      Эдгард Запашный и Валерий Николаев так и не встретились в суде

      In late October, tamer Edgard Zapashny has decided to defend the good name of the Great Moscow circus and have filed a lawsuit against the infamous actor Valery Nikolaev. The fact that the artist allowed himself in one of the airs to say “stoned animals” which appeared in the circus of Zapashny. Such a statement deeply offended the Director, who insists that such a thing does not allow for in dealing with predators. For libel Edgard decided through the court to recover from the offender a round sum. The size of the damage to the reputation of the circus he estimated at two and a half million rubles, and also ordered to reimburse expenditures for costs of the proceedings in the amount of 80 thousand.

      Zapashny requires Nikolaev two million rubles

      Today Valery Nikolaev came to the Basmanny court to answer for his words. The man was resolute and without delay came to the meeting. However, the actor it was not possible to justify, as the case postponed for a month. The fact that Zapashny was ill and could not come into the courtroom. Now in January it will be able to get the ball rolling. It became known that Zapashny added in his statement to the new requirements, however it is not specified what exactly he changed.

      During the year, actor Valery Nikolaev often figured in scandals. In late February, he became the participant of road accident, after which he was invited to various talk shows to learn more about what happened. In one of the ethers at the end of March of this year, Valery and accused the circus of Zapashny that there is, in his opinion, animals in poor conditions.

      “It’s like Zapashny, who feels that there is a smell of alcohol, but something else. He, probably, predators doesn’t feel that he got shot up. And such a stink… the fact that they are poor does not hold the urine. When you go to the circus on Vernadsky, scary” – such words were said by Nikolaev in the program “live”.

      Edgard hurried excuse and tell that the words of the actor have nothing to do with reality. It deeply hurt the unjust, in his opinion, the criticism of the artist.

      “This is a blatant lie. We regularly let behind the scenes journalists, including “StarHit”, which we had not time. Never no complaints – shared Zapashny. I know that the last time Nikolaev became a frequent guest of the controversial show for different reasons. But in the program he was completely sober and looked good. He can trust people. So my brother filed a lawsuit for libel and statements discrediting our reputation”.