Владимир Путин помог Марии Захаровой завоевать авторитет дочери The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry received from the President of the state award. Maria Zakharova told about the anticipation of a conversation with the successor to the Marianas. According to her, the child will be proud of the order of mother.

      Today in the Catherine hall of the Kremlin President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin presented state awards for outstanding achievements in science, health, art and manufacture. The Director of the Department of information and press of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova was among those who noted the head of state. She was glad to have received the award and were quick to share news with subscribers in social networks. Zakharova said in a microblog that the daughter has another reason for pride for my mom.

      “A couple of months ago I came home late. Very late. Tired of waiting for my daughter asked the question of the century: “And you Putin shook his hand?” “No,” I replied. “I thought that stings” – disappointedly said Mariana Andreevna. And here on January 26. As a child at home to talk. And let him try again the soup to eat,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook.

      Members were happy for the fact that Mary received such an honorable award – the order of Friendship. They were quick to congratulate the representative of the foreign Ministry and not left unattended in dialogue with the daughter, shared by Zakharov. Followers appreciated how the family react statesman on this event in her life. Members also noted that Zakharov has a great sense of humor. “Congratulations! You deserve this award!”, “Mary, I admire you! You can not worry about the face of Russia in the world with such employees of the foreign Ministry”, “Pass Mariana andreone the more upset you”, “Mary, your sense of humor is unmatched!” noted followers in the comments of the post.

      Podpiska Zakharova was pleased to learn more about her personal life, because the representative of the foreign Ministry tries not to dwell on his family. We know only that Mary got married 11 years ago and has a daughter Mariana. Pictures of wedding dresses Maria Zakharova became a hit on the Network

      Among those whom Vladimir Putin said the awards were Alexander Maslyakov, the actor Vasily Livanov, singer Zara, and many others. The graduate of “factory of stars” very proud to have won such a high rank as an honored artist. She said that in the hall were her parents, who saw firsthand the triumph of the daughter.