Бари Алибасов прокомментировал эфир «Пусть говорят» с Никитой Джигурдой

A couple of days ago Andrey Malakhov has decided to make live with Nikita Dzhigurda to ascertain the whole truth about the legacy of Lyudmila Bratash and involvement Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those to her death.

But most likely even the Malakhov did not expect that is staged in the Studio showman. Nikita didn’t say a word, and when he asked direct questions about the inheritance which I had to give monosyllabic answers “Yes” or “no”, at least blessed the Studio and all present prayers. Upon completion of the program Malakhov concluded that after such a broadcast would not hurt to sanctify the Studio.

Almost the only person who came to support the Chair on the air became Bari Alibasov. But after the program, Bari Karimovich admitted that he did not even know what phantasmagoric hell he will be involved.

Before shooting Nikita appeared with will and a bunch of documents in my brand-new apartment and was told that he had to defend bequest rights to a billion rubles. I have read this stack of papers and agreed to participate in a talk show to support him, said Alibasov. But what happened on the program at Malakhov was like a phantasmagoria in hell. Abomination happening by Dzhigurda, I was simply crushed, and even on the background of multiple repetitions of jokes Andrey Malakhov that “Dzhigurda lives with Alibasov”. Nikita is completely out of control of his consciousness. Just “jumped off the rails.” My multiple attempts to subdue him failed. Sorry man. Colorful picture of what people are doing with the money.”

By the way, alibasova of the chair still lives. That’s how these rumors commented Bari Karimovich: “Three years ago “on-On” starred Morrice in the clip on the Arbat. The shooting lasted all night. In the morning, tired, came to my home. Nikita immediately fell asleep. It was the only visit Dzhigurda my apartment. This is what I said on the program “Let them talk”, but Andrei Malakhov aggressively joked “Dzhigurda lives with Alibasov”.

At the end of his commentary on Nikita Dzhigurda Alibasov concluded that “showman’s really crazy bequeathed to him a billion dollars.”