Актриса сериала «Закрытая школа» ждет второго ребенка Field Polyakova is preparing to become a mother. The woman appeared on one of the social events in clothing that could not conceal the change of her figure. However, the pictures in the social network, the actress tries not to advertise his interesting position.

      Актриса сериала «Закрытая школа» ждет второго ребенка

      Actress Field Polyakova, remembered to spectators on films “Closed school”, “Reflection” and “Probationary period” going the second time to become a mother. On Wednesday, the actress visited the show of the joint collection of the designer Natalia Dushegreya and artist Nikas Safronov. A woman came to the event in clothes that could not hide the rounded tummy.

      Polyakov had fun talking with the other guests of this fashion event and her face literally glowed with happiness. In the social media Fields are not talks about the upcoming replenishment in the family, and in the pictures in voluminous outfits that she posts, yet not visible changes of the shape.

      Recall that Polyakova a son Artem, who was born from the Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. The actress met her future husband in 2012. After some time the couple decided that they were ready to have a baby. As recognized Fields, both eagerly awaited the birth of first child. Every free minute star spends in the society my men.

      In education of the son involved the active participation of the husband Poly. According to her, on the example of the Pope the heir learns how to be a real man. Alexander is developing in the boy the qualities such as the desire to do the most difficult chores, honesty, justice, sense of responsibility and love for their country. In turn Polyakova staraetsja to discover what work like Artem. Caring mother draws him, is a moulding, leads the boy on educational classes and theatrical performances.

      By the way, Fields admits that her life schedule has changed after she started a family. “Too late to sleep and late Wake up for me perfect. But got married and gave birth to a beautiful son. Immediately had to readjust their favorite “lark”, – explained the artist in social networks.

      As told Polyakova, in terms of career she is also a lot of plans for this year. The woman works on the second festival of short film, which tries himself in the role of producer. According to Polyakova, to be behind the scenes no less interesting than to star in one of the roles.