Владимира Преснякова поблагодарили за детей и внуков
The musician receives congratulations from 49-year anniversary.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov’s son Artemy

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“Dear my beloved native people! You have a Birthday today.
Well, what can I say… You were born to give love, kindness, and music! And
do their job perfectly! I don’t know a single person who would
didn’t love you. It’s impossible not to love! Just because that’s how you
is. I wish you to preserve and protect its childishness. I am grateful to you for our
life and especially for our Theme. I want us to live together until the end and I wish
we (will tell you in your ear the rest). Love. Endlessly. For real. You
the only one!” admitted today in the love of Vladimir Presnyakov and his wife Natalia Podolsky.

Joined the congratulations and the former mother-in-law of the musician. ”
birthday, son and thank you for a wonderful grandson!” turned to him Alla Pugacheva, referring to his eldest grandson Nikita, the son of Christina Aguilera and
Vladimir Presnyakov.

Numerous friends hastened to Express the culprit
triumph of her admiration. Especially touching was the message of Leonid Agutin:
“My dear friend! Happy Birthday! 49
years ago your sun appeared on the horizon and blessed your family,
then your family and friends and pretty soon your fans! And I’m glad
absolutely selfish to bask in the glow of kindness and talent in those rare moments
the long-awaited communication, and just knowing that I have such a friend! Volodya,
Vova, Vovochka, Vivek, Vladimir Vladimirovich, be happy and healthy!
Definitely both! In your life there is a lot of correct, valuable
and present! I’m proud of you and congratulations from all my heart!”