Ксения Бородина сделала пластическую операцию
In the Network appeared information that the TV presenter decided on a rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Instagram

In the Network appeared information about the fact that Ksenia Borodina made
plastic surgery. According to a source close to the staff of the clinic of plastic
surgery, March 25 presenter conducted a corrective surgery on her face.

Friends of the star say that she did a rhinoplasty
of the nose, reducing the tip. The operation took place about two hours under General
anesthesia. The next day, according to the source, She was discharged from
at the hospital, and she continued to undergo rehabilitation at home. However, the Xenia, the fact that the operation denies. Moreover,
she explained the clinic banal reception at the dentist. To a specialist
Borodina had to go to cure the front teeth.

Interestingly, not all stars belong to plastic
surgery with caution. For example, rose Sabitova not only several visits
specialists in this field of medicine, but did not hide this fact. Not long ago, the TV presenter decided on a regular rejuvenating
the procedure — she has done non-surgical facelift. TV presenter does not hide,
that is well groomed and from time to time uses the services
plastic surgeons.

“For public people — sure rose is OK to do
so that the person remains fit and attractive. Besides, I
interested in trying the latest techniques on myself to say to be a pioneer
in the field of beauty.”