Igor Petrenko for the first time commented on the birth of younger daughter

Игорь Петренко впервые прокомментировал рождение младшей дочки
The actor told how his life has changed.

Igor Petrenko and Christina Brodskaya

Igor Petrenko, who in the beginning of the year was born the fourth child, first told what it’s like to be the father of many children. Usually reticent actor to open up on the delivery of the film award “Nika”, where he came with his wife Christine Brodsky, who impressed everyone with her slender figure in a striking scarlet dress with a bare back. As 26-year-old actress said that to quickly get into shape, it was quite difficult. “But I knew I must do it, that I could. I didn’t play sports purposefully did not go to the fitness club, I just don’t have time for this. Every spare minute of my time I give to the children,” smiled the actress.

Petrenko also admitted that raising two little daughters (in December 2014, Christine and Ihor was born a daughter, Sofia Carolina), is a very difficult task. The question is not if charming crumbs are the reason that Igor was so rarely go out, the actor replied in the affirmative. “Of course it is,’ smiled the actor. — You guessed it”. Recall that in the previous marriage with actress Ekaterina Klimova — Petrenko had two sons. Matthew for ten years, and Korney — eight.