Владимир Пресняков обгорел на отдыхе

On vacation photos the singer looks like the leader of the Redskins

Yet we should not neglect the sunscreen. Fortunately, creams, sprays and gels on the market are a great many. Otherwise you may be badly burned. For skin harmful, and photos from vacation, which was planned to Shine in social networks, will be similar to lobster. We showed Vladimir Presnyakov.

The singer together with his wife Natalia Podolsky and one-year old son Topic went on the Sunny coast of Spain. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine, sandy beaches, soft breezes… what you need to rejuvenate after a hard year. It seems that Vladimir was so worn out from exhaustion, and fun that he fell asleep on the beach, while completely forgetting about the scorching Spanish sun. The result of this rashness was not long to wait and was immediately apparent in the form of bright red burnt skin. Fans of the singer, seeing him fresh from the recreation, immediately dubbed Presnyakov the leader of the Redskins and tomatoes and rushed excitedly to regret his idol:

“Oh, how he hurt now”

“Burnt, poor”

“Take Care, Natasha, Vladimir! He want us to live, not fried!”

“God, what a burn! I have the same shoulders. It is very painful”

Igor Nikolayev warned his colleagues that such things are not joking. “Vova, you’re burned out, brother! Take care of yourself! Skin – this is serious,” wrote the composer in the comments. Subscribers Presnyakov agreed that his urgent need to spread sour cream or yogurt. Responsible mission entrusted to Natasha Podolsky.

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