Bilan showed perfect abs

Билан показал идеальный пресс

The singer posted a picture with a naked torso

Dima Bilan has once again proved that knowingly it go crazy millions of women of our Motherland. On his page in the social network, the singer showed the torso in all its glory. However, there were also unhappy with the appearance of the artist.

Lately we are used to seeing in a suit in the chair mentor of “the Voice”. Fans already have begun to experience that the times when he was bare, sunk into Oblivion together with the clip “On the shore of the sky”. But no! Here it goes. The black-and-white shot, where he appears bare-chested. Than, no doubt plunged his podeschi in a frenzy of delight. For a couple of hours the picture has received almost 25,000 likes. “I’m in love!!!”, “Unreal Dima…”, “Oh my God!!! You’re magical!” – this is only a fraction of hundreds of compliments for the body of Dima.

But not all fans of the artist have experienced a blissful awe, seeing the teles idol. Dim, like something old look in this photo”, “Swing a little handsome”, “Well, I figure much more of it”, “Slender what Dimka to your wife fattening,” wrote amazed by the thinness of the singer’s fans. The others decided not to wait until Bilan will tie the knot, and act immediately. “Well, thin really. I also wanted to a concert a basket of pies to bring, and then I thought, what do not understand and brought flowers,” wrote one of the girls in the comments. “Next time I will definitely bring him to eat,” replied the second.

Perfect abs, undoubtedly, beautiful, but still to this exhaustion to bring themselves is not worth it.

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