Владимир Познер блеснул вокальным мастерством The judge “minutes of glory” appeared in unexpected roles. Vladimir Pozner brilliantly performed the song in French in one of capital restaurants. As originally 82-year-old TV presenter congratulated with the birthday of his friend.

      Well-known TV presenter, who now takes part in the show of the First channel “Minute of glory” as judge, Vladimir Pozner flashed another facet of their talent. 82-year-old master showed that he has the vocal gift.

      Vladimir Pozner surprised the audience gathered yesterday in one of the luxurious restaurants of Moscow. Mr Putin was among the party guests, which on the occasion of his birthday suit one of his close friends named Eteri. In the birthday famous TV presenter sang a song in French – the language of the country where he was born.

      The video with the singing Posner in his microblog shared his colleague, presenter of the First channel Arina Sharapova. Because of this, fans of the Maestro could enjoy his beautiful vocals and a very atmospheric rendition of the popular French songs. Guests gathered that evening, applauded Vladimir Pozner and followers on Instagram recognized that discovered the new Posner.

      “Vladimir Vladimirovich, as always gallant and unpredictable! Chic greetings!”, “Posner is the most charming and clever man!” “Surprisingly, without an accent, cool!” “As always on top. Smart, charming, and even romantic” – such enthusiastic comments leave fans of Vladimir Pozner.

      It should say that in his 82 years, the TV host looks amazing, keeps you fit and amazing performance. Meanwhile, Vladimir Pozner many years ago received a terrifying diagnosis. Vladimir Pozner has frankly told about the fight against cancer

      “23 years ago I got cancer – a few months ago the TV presenter admitted in an interview. And my feeling was as if I walked into a brick wall immediately. And immediately it seemed that it was the end. I was 59 years old, I still live. I remember this today because I want to say that you should always fight. Of course, this requires close people, friends who help you, but you are important. You should be able to tell myself no. No, don’t give up.”

      In 1993, Vladimir Pozner, the tumor was removed, and since then the health of the presenter all right.