Елка призналась в особой связи с умершим отцом In the program “Once”, the singer explained that the misses dad too much. He was one of the most important people in her life. The singer even dedicated songs to him. Despite the fact that men are no longer alive, the singer still feels his support and presence all around.

      Елка призналась в особой связи с умершим отцом

      Tree does not like to dwell on the subject of personal life. It seems unacceptable to expose family secrets, share them with strangers even for commercial reasons. However, sometimes a celebrity talking about their favorite parents. Unfortunately, father Christmas Tree did not, when he was only 55 years old. The woman says dad with a smile on her face. The actress admits that when a parent died, she left him to himself, and managed to find the strength to move on and look ahead.

      Tree admitted that no one calls her by name

      According to the Christmas Tree, she feels beside him, his invisible presence. She said that talking to him because he feels the impact dad has on her. Despite the fact that the father and mother Trees separated, when the future was only 11 years old, she bore no grudge against parents and have kept dad warm and trusting relationship. Father Tree for a long time, played sports and lived an active lifestyle and never get discouraged. Even the day he died he said he feels the happiest person.

      “Dad was not in the moment. And he left with a laugh. Just sat down, laughed and died. It happened after a workout. I cried just a little because it is very selfish, it’s about self-pity. Communication with me constantly, in a plane, for example, if you’re shaking, laughing with him, talking” – openly stated the singer.
      Елка призналась в особой связи с умершим отцом

      Elka thinks her parents did the right thing when they decided to tell me that they are going to divorce. This helped the star is easier to go through family drama. According to the artist, her dad and mom remained good friends and were always taking care of my only daughter. They supported the successor of all undertakings, given the opportunity to do what she likes.

      The singer is grateful to the family for its punchy character. The tree it seems that childhood and adolescence spent in a small Ukrainian town was a real school of life.

      “I am very grateful for what parents have always given chance to fill their cones”, – objasnila Tree.

      In Uzhgorod the artist of the loved ones left only mother. Star visits relatives once a year, trying not to attract the attention of journalists during such travel. Despite the distance, the Tree regularly calls up with a parent. Often, on her concerts she mentions relatives names, and asks each patient refers to the close, because, according to the artist, at some point, it is impossible to say the main words from someone you love.