Дочь Марины Хлебниковой получила первую работу Dominic will sing in the restaurant. According to an acquaintance Khlebnikov, 18-year-old heiress captures everything on the fly, and making progress on the singing lessons. It is not excluded that in the near future the girl will delight visitors from a prestigious institution with their performances.

      Дочь Марины Хлебниковой получила первую работу

      After her divorce from businessman Mikhail Maidanam the singer of the hit “Cup of coffee” Marina Hlebnikova has a daughter to Dominic alone. Now the heir to the stars for 18 years. This year she is finishing one of the most prestigious Moscow schools. The girl is already thinking about his future and chooses their future profession. Dominic thinks to link live banking. Probably the successor to follow in the footsteps of the mother. She already tries herself on stage.

      “Dominica introduced me to Marina, said the “StarHit” Igor chalecki, owner of the restaurant “Arbat 13″. – A month and a half ago we were looking for a back-up singer and sound engineer to the restaurant. Khlebnikov suggested my daughter! With Marina we are friends for more than three months. We were introduced by a mutual friend Katherine. In the choice of the singer I do not doubt. However, Dominica has the experience were absent, we trained her from scratch. But she took to it quickly and without issues! She is very smart”.

      Despite the fact that her daughter Khlebnikov is now actively preparing for final exams, the work does not bother her. “Dominica has a small load, continues chalecki. – She only works on Fridays and Saturdays. And when the bar separate performances, know that you can call her and she would save us! Moreover, all the hype starts tonight! Incidentally, we were in a karaoke club come famous people. For example, the other day was Willy Tokarev, Sergey Krylov, Hermann Stage, singer Victoria Daineko, businessman Andrey Kovalev. The school we have peace. By the way, even the presenter of “Revizorro” rests with us. Here is always a pleasant atmosphere, and the chefs delight vysokoklassnymi dishes. Old Arbat street is unlikely to find such a cozy place. The restaurant is already known not only in Russia but also worldwide.”

      Dominic works in the restaurant for a month. Marina Khlebnikova always gives daughter advice, the singer does not mind if the daughter starts to perform on the big stage in the future.

      “The girl is dreaming about a solo career. The club has created all conditions for this: highly qualified educators, responsive residents. Dominic takes the foreign composition, as well as the sensational hits of mother”, – said Igor.