Беременная Катя Гордон собирается замуж в третий раз The star admitted that he would like to marry the father of the future baby. Kate Gordon said that her relationship with current partner lasted for almost a year. Businesswoman stated that to demonstrate my personal life, it will not.

      Before the birth of Katya Gordon second baby a few days left. The singer, businesswoman and author of songs the whole pregnancy was incredibly active. She participated in a talk show, visited the project “the Voice” and move to a newly purchased and renovated apartment, led receptions in his law firm and gave an interview, were engaged in the creation of songs and performed on stage. Katya Gordon was “disabled” for the future baby

      11 February, Gordon gave the last concert before the birth, and will now calmly wait for them to approach. Actively telling about the everyday life of the expectant mother, Katya Gordon was silent for only about one – about the father of her second son, who from day to day will be born. But as it turned out, Roman Gordon and her lover lasted for almost a year, and Kate doesn’t mind that it ended with a March to the registry office and in Church. Asked by journalists whether she is married, Catherine is responsible directly.

      “Going to, but if before I got married quickly, but now do not want to repeat the same mistake – admitted Katia Gordon. – If we do it again, I’d like to get married. Our relationship with my current man lasted about a year. And no matter how developed our life on, you know one thing about children I do not regret going, even if we break up”.

      It is worth noting that previous failed relationships have taught star. Now she is not afraid of loneliness. 36-year-old Kate Gordon noted that a large part of her life she lived by following the invented stereotypes. Now she rethought a lot of things, and anybody is not going to report. To answer questions about why she’s pregnant, but not married, Gordon will not be, considering that these concepts are from different planes.


      “The birth of a child is irrelevant to marriage. If we can hold together long enough and realize that we need it, we’ll get married. But only due to the fact that I’m pregnant, to the Registrar, I will not run,” said Kate Gordon in an interview with Hello. Businesswoman added that in connection with the birth of her son she is going to rename his law firm in the Saferoom “Gordon and sons”.