Владимир Познер поражен феноменальными способностями правнука Well-known TV presenter told about the heir. Vladimir Pozner glad little Valentine from childhood speaks three languages. He is amazed by the unique quality of the child. Your child will remember who to contact in German, French or Russian.

      Владимир Познер поражен феноменальными способностями правнука

      The famous TV presenter Vladimir Pozner three years ago became a great-grandfather. His granddaughter Maria gave birth to a boy. The whole family of the journalist adores the baby. Posner tries to hold the great-grandson of as many minutes, despite the fact that Mary, with her husband françois lives in Germany. As soon as the child grows, Mr Putin does not cease to be surprised by the unique abilities of the baby. Like his famous great-grandfather, little Valentine is growing polyglot.

      “They live in Berlin. His father is a Frenchman. Thus Mary says to her son only in Russian. And he goes to a German kindergarten. The funny thing is, Valentina seems that it is all one language. He still doesn’t understand that Russian, German, French are the three languages. But he knows exactly who how to speak. Extremely interesting how his brain works. Amazing thing! From the grandfather to the toddler speaks Russian,” said the presenter.

      Vladimir Putin believes that children should always be enveloped with love and attention. He believes that care is never superfluous, however, tries to demonstrate these feelings very delicately. Posner relies on its own experience of relations with the family. He admitted that parents rarely told how strong his love, but did everything to make him feel an important part of their life. Posner has three grandchildren Maria, Nicholas and George, whom he loves.

      Vladimir Posner acknowledged that maintains close ties with his family granddaughter. He tries to convey all the love of grandson and is very proud of the fact that the boy is growing bright. Moreover, Mr Putin allows that the child called him by name. Posner is proud to Valentin since childhood, speaks several languages, like himself.

      “I suddenly switched to French, he completely stunned, his mouth opened directly. French is the only dad says, and suddenly Dylan. Me and grandchildren, and great-grandson of so-called – Vova”, – said the TV presenter in an interview with “TV”.