Николь Кидман познакомила шестилетнюю дочь с женщиной, которая ее родила

Nicole Climan is a happy mother of four children.

Two children the actress has adopted another being the wife of Tom cruise, the two youngest were born in Union with musician Keith urban. As you know, Nicole herself has managed to produce only one daughter, Sunday rose Kidman-urban, who was born in 2008. In 2010, Nicole and Keith had a second biologically his daughter, faith Margaret Kidman urban, who was that’s nurtured by a surrogate mother.

It would seem that the surrogate mother to the girl is irrelevant, because it served as a kind of incubator where just ripe fruit. However, the girl wanted to know the woman who made it to the light. Kidman to prevent this and introduced faith Margaret with another “mom.”

Media reported that a little after this interview asked a few clarifying questions to parents. However, what were interested in, and faith Margaret star mom and dad are not reported.

Recall, to meet a woman, through which it came to light earlier had the opportunity and adopted daughter of Angelina Jolie Zahara. The girl’s mother said that seeking a meeting with the child and wants to know that she is alive: “Angelina was her mother more than I do. She was with her from a very early age. But this does not mean that I do not miss. I miss you all the time, I think about her every day and want to see her face and hear her voice. I know when her birthday is, but I’m sad that I can’t be with her. I would love to be with her birthday and other special days. […] I know that she lives with Angelina in a different country and speaks a different language. She has a life that I will never be able to give her, but I still want to somehow contact”.