Keanu Reeves told what to expect from “John Wick-3”

Киану Ривз рассказал, чего ожидать от «Джона Уика-3″

The second part of the action movie “John Wick” is already underway around the world. The premiere of the film can not do without Keanu Reeves, who actively participates in the promotion picture. Not long ago, Arnold spoke with reporters Empire and told them of how he sees the third part of that story.

“I think in the beginning of the third series to be shown, as John Wick is trying to escape from new York. In the truest sense of the word to escape. Perhaps he will ask the character Lawrence Fishburnes help. Maybe John Leguizamo is coming to help me…”, suggested Reeves.

Note that about the sequel yet dares to say only one Keanu. Director of the fighter Chad Stahelski tries to keep the intrigue. However, he hints that viewers will be impressed by the information that they learn in the sequel. For example, Chad wants how to tell you more about the underground world in which they live assassin.

“If we’re lucky to continue the franchise, I would have told the world by another 25%. But then I’d have about 50% deeper into the world that is already known to the audience,” says Stahelski.

Well, until that green light the sequel received, but we are confident that the continuation is already possible to speak, for the second part did not disappoint the producers of the box office and continues to earn well at the box office.

We will remind, it was announced that Steven Spielberg decided to shoot the equivalent of “John Wick”, albeit in a female guise. Owned by Steven Spielberg company Amblin Entertainment has acquired the script of the drama “Ruthless” — it talks about released in the rest of the murderer, which I find is incurable and inoperable tumor. To ensure the future daughter after his death, she decides to take up the last contract.