Тайные свидания Джигурды и Анисиной: что скрывают от всех бывшие супруги “StarHit” find out what ex-beloved prefer to remain silent. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina officially divorced in November last year. However, the pair continues to communicate and educate two children.

      Тайные свидания Джигурды и Анисиной: что скрывают от всех бывшие супруги

      Scandalous breakup 55-year-old actor’s wife was one of the main themes of recent months. In October, the wife of Nikita Dzhigurda Olympic champion Marina Anisina filed for divorce. The decision was made long ago – say, Nikita is not always behaved adequately. Any careless word could provoke a scandal, which often ended in threats.

      “I was in constant stress,” admitted Anisina. On 29 November last year, the spouses are officially divorced. But Dzhigurda has filed an appeal against the court’s decision and hopes to return to his beloved. “StarHit” figured out what was happening between them.


      Forgiveness Sunday

      Тайные свидания Джигурды и Анисиной: что скрывают от всех бывшие супруги

      In February after the next meeting of the Krasnogorsk court in the Moscow region gave the showman a month for reconciliation with his wife. Nikita tries to do this with all means available: confesses his love for her on social networks breaks the phone. Now Dzhigurda and Anisina live in different countries.

      “Marina most of the time in France – says “StarHit” the lawyer of the sportswoman Sergey Zhorin. – It has several apartments, as well as in Moscow. It is claimed, teaches figure skating, participates in the ice show. What does out of the chair and what lives – I do not know. No real estate in Russia, he is definitely not. Yes, and they have nothing to divide in divorce. There is a marriage contract, concluded at the initiative of Nikita, according to which all property Anisina those after a divorce remains with her. He apparently believed that the fabulously rich over the years of their life together, but it did not happen”.

      At the moment, the actor continues to live in ex-wife’s apartment. And that’s one of the reasons why close Marina began to fear, I won’t do it. “I have prepared a suit for eviction Dzhigurda with this housing – continues Zhorin. But while the command to submit is not received, it ceased to insist that he had to vacate the apartment. Marina adult woman, smart, it’s her life, her choice. But for any mentally healthy person bad forgotten and the good remains. It seems that this is happening. Dzhigurda is a strong manipulator.”


      Secret links

      Тайные свидания Джигурды и Анисиной: что скрывают от всех бывшие супруги

      In addition, friends of the athletes are worried that she is secretly Dating her husband. “Marina often happens in Moscow, arrives at the shooting, – has shared with “StarHit” Lena Lenina, the owner of the network studios manicure, girlfriend Dzhigurda. – As I understand it, they with Nikita recently saw. And this was not an isolated case in recent times. But both hide this fact.”

      Nikita himself confirmed the “StarHit” that communicates with the Marina.

      “We were in touch by phone, by Skype, –have shared with “StarHit” the artist. – 23fevralya ninth wedding anniversary – hopefully we’ll spend the day together.”

      Friends support the Chair, constantly near him. According to Lena, except for her and Bari Alibasov he doesn’t trust anybody – even fired the driver. “Nikita is going through difficult divorce, is stress – continues businesswoman. – Even though they with Marina have not lived together for the last two years. He believes that Anisina faithful to him. Bored. The apartment everywhere hang their portraits, her photographs… He reads a lot, interested in religion. When not filming for television, and spends almost all the time at home.”

      Nikita and Marina is eight-year-old son Mick-angel-Krist and six year old daughter Eva-Vlad. “Children, I see it too – on Skype – continues out of the chair. They tell me about school, about where to go. I really hope to see you soon”.


      Nikita Dzhigurda

      heart APPEAL –

      in my lines of poetry –

      to the merciless Goddess of ANISE, –

      SUNDAY of forgiveness,

      lead NINE-year summary of

      and author of Love, non-sterile



      In vain my heart

      Left in the car –

      This is a very significant…

      Loving woman

      I don’t want to defy, –

      You chose, –

      Alas, among other things.


      Don’t blame then anyone

      You were given not a single chance…

      But, alas, you change it

      On bustle blank performance…


      I’m nothing don’t blame you…

      Don’t blame me,

      When I’m not hugging you,

      Not with you knowing a rush of fire…


      Not your mother’s temple siring

      A new world and a new story…

      Don’t blame me at night

      You yourself rejected the dawn…


      You’re the heart of God giving

      And Jude, and executioners,

      Have rejected my flight – betraying…

      So don’t blame me!!!


      I’m begging you on my knees becoming

      Without fear not to be forgiven, –

      I’m sorry,

      My God’s LOVE,


      The tears I shed…