Other people’s children brought Victoria Daineko hysterical

Чужие дети довели Викторию Дайнеко до истерики The artist has expressed dissatisfaction on the social network page. According to BC, she and her daughter have been subjected to increased attention from other visitors to the shopping center. The singer was fuming.

      Singer Victoria Dayneko never hide from subscribers their emotions. The artist prefers to speak openly about the frustrations or the joys that are happening in her life. The little girl’s mother tries not to leave the child alone for a long time. That is why during stay in restaurant baby.

      In each public institution, as a rule, organized the room for children where they can play and frolic under the supervision of their parents or without them. Year-old daughter Daineko went to this area with my mother. Victoria was unhappy with the place as other visitors, literally drove her to hysteria.

      “The children there very much, but no one ensures that they are where they are not supposed to age. So in the maze for children up to five years my year-old daughter gently crawled, and her first nearly knocked an adult and a child is very aggressive, shouting that he’s a big, after which he climbed to a higher level and jumped straight on my head. Baby I don’t blame you, I understand that it is a matter of age, but where the animators who ensure that adults are not faced with kids, not knock them down and not hurt mom? Then mom Today… thanks to them I felt at the zoo. They took a child and stood behind a fence, watched as we play with the child and pointing, so even with the phone in his hands. I’m paranoid, of course, but always worried that the daughter had never been photographed. You have the right. People are different. From these mothers to escape was useless, they pursued us at every step with their curious glances, so even paying for a couple of hours, I ran out of there in 15 minutes and I’ll never go back”, – explained the situation to the star page on the social network.

      Dayneko admitted that her resent when people pay so much attention on them with my daughter. She accused the other customers of the institution that they have no sense of tact. Besides, Victoria does not recommend that to other moms, which irritates the failure to follow safety rules children walking into this place.

      Some subscribers artist supported her point of view, and others said that the woman should choose with your child other places where it won’t recognize. “Victoria, I guess, are there for star kids such as educational room”, “is there such a place did not stick to you? I think a public person doesn’t really avoid these situations, alas”, “Need to go so in expensive places,” expressed the opinion followers.