Владимир Познер раскаивается в ударе дочери The presenter spoke about the mistakes in the upbringing of children. Vladimir Pozner has frankly told about how it has used force against the child. According to star TV, he quickly realized his mistake and repeatedly apologized to the heiress.

      This year TV presenter Vladimir Pozner became a member of the jury of the program of the First channel “Minute of glory”. Well-known journalist recognized as one of the most strict judges of the new season of the TV show. During the conversation with reporters, Mr Putin said that he does this behavior at home. It is itself quite demanding father, grandfather and great-grandfather. However, Posner admitted that just loves to babysit the kids. Children feel his love and reciprocate.

      Mr Putin also openly told about the mistakes he made raising a daughter Catherine. According to the moderator, he acted wrong when he was young and inexperienced parent. After the incident, Posner repeatedly apologized to the heiress.

      “My daughter is so bad eating that could sit for hours with your mouth full. And once I lost my temper and slapped her. Her blood went from his nose. When I think about it, me right bad. I owe her a lot then apologized and asked for forgiveness. She forgot, and I will never forget. For me it was a lesson never to do. Just impossible! You know, my father was very strict with me because his parents were very strict with him. We transfer it from generation to generation. And that’s when I realized that playing the role of my father against the daughter”, – shared the leading.

      Posner also admitted that he loves his loved ones and appreciate them for their candor. According to celebrity, the main goal in teaching is example. “We cannot say to children “don’t smoke” if you smoke, you “not rude” if you’re rude, and so on,” said the presenter.

      Recall that the successor of Vladimir Pozner, Ekaterina has been living in Germany since 1990. The woman is a pianist and composer. In 1984 she gave birth to a daughter Mary, and in 1995 his son Nicholas. In 2014, the granddaughter of the star became a mother a charming Valentine. The child goes to foreign kindergarten. According to Vladimir Putin, the kid is a real polyglot and can speak German, French and Russian. “Extremely interesting how his brain works”, – quotes the edition of Pozner “TV”.