Лена Темникова расплакалась в ресторане
The singer told about the vacation in the Maldives.

Elena Temnikova

Photo: Instagram

Elena Temnikova started crying in the restaurant and could not
to calm down. What happened with the singer, was a shock to her, because
the singer broke down in tears because of… food. It happened in the holidays that the star held

“The island was home to 12 restaurants and each one has an extraordinary
cook says
Temnikova. — On the island’s most popular Japanese restaurant. Incredibly
coolest underwater (and the first of which opened in the Maldives), belongs personally to the son
the owner of the resort. There are only 8 places the entry in a few weeks. There I three
times cried of what masterpieces we have prepared a local chef. Then the food,
as an art, as the knowledge itself. Remember the cartoon “Ratatouille”? When the critic in
the final cry? At age 31 I realized why. It happened to me for the first time!
Don’t even know how to describe it… It’s some kind of purification of the soul, a catharsis. Like you
found something that very long sought. The state of some light. Absolute
joy. I don’t know… But two hours of dinner I
caught this state three times. And tears dripped. That’s how it is”.