Владимир Машков рассказал о своей семье
The actor admitted that does not know how to raise children..

Vladimir and Maria Mashkova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Vladimir Mashkov gave his first interview with his daughter, Mary Mashkovoi.

“I can’t call myself a good father or grandfather in the ordinary sense of the word. So, what probably I would like to Masha, — says Vladimir. To love children and grandchildren — this is normal and natural. But what about the care… to Educate children I do not know and are not going just that to stick, to indicate, to ask, “how have you eaten?”… It’s a little vulgar. Well, we ate and ate, and God be with you, I don’t want to eat, don’t. Fell, hit your head, get up and go on. I’m weird in that sense, afraid of small children, and they are afraid of me”

Both father and daughter admit family they have strange, do not fit into the General canons.

“Dad happy birthday and even to greet or mix a month, says Maria Mashkova. — Although in the last few years dad tries to keep up, and this year have not forgotten about the birthday of Fanny, my daughter, and I was happy! I have, however, also happen. Apparently, the genes. When dad was a anniversary, I had been, I was on night shift. And now I come to your trailer and the phone — six missed calls from “the secret room”. I know that if the number is classified, it is likely dad. I call, he says: “What’s happening? I the President sends his congratulations, and where are you?”— That’s really true my father’s daughter…Maria: I’m actually now more and more I began to understand dad. I am also in some moments can not pick up the phone. When he never answered my calls, I couldn’t understand it and it’s a shame. Now, if challenging shooting, I just can’t force something good to tell callers. Don’t answer just for the sake of people not received for all that I have today did not come!”

Full interview with father and daughter read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.