Ольга Ушакова отказалась от экстремального похудения
Attempt week diet ended for the presenter desire to eat non-stop.

Olga Ushakova

Photo: photo from personal archive

Looking at the slender girlish figure of Olga Ushakova, hard to believe from
she already has two children — daughter the same age Ksenia and Daria. Recovering after the second
birth to 18
pounds, Olga spent a year trying to return to their
weight category. “Two pregnancies in a row is very hard, recover harder. In the first
turn helped me daily Jogging for hours on the street or on a treadmill at home,” — said TV presenter.

While on the diet it did not matter, and here’s why.
“Diets I refused for a long time, — says Ushakov. — Together with the girls I decided to lose weight for senior prom. And then my older sister
engaged in shape, so I joined her. Our diet consisted mainly of
salad from cucumbers and cabbage. For five days we ate, and then came the daddy of the
travel with different snacks and the diet is over. I
ate and could not stop until, until it was
it’s hard to breathe. And so it was hard for me, even the ambulance was going to call. To
happiness, after all, did it myself. Since about diets don’t want to hear”.

with obesity Olga helped a completely different approach to nutrition. “I deduced conditional
formula: 70 percent of my diet are the “right” foods, 30
percent leave on a Sunday or holiday luxuries: dinners
restaurants of national cuisine in the travel,” she said. As Ushakov leads to the First channel of the morning papers, working
days she two Breakfast: very early — easy and delicious, this
along with a 10 minute exercise helps to Wake up quickly. The second Breakfast is more dense,
after the ether. “For Breakfast I eat oatmeal or with nuts, or a cheese omelet, or cottage cheese with

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