Эвелина Блёданс заступилась за бывшего мужа
The actress spoke about her divorce.

Evelina Bledans with her husband Alexander Semin

Photo: Elena Sukhova

The news about the divorce of Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin, before it became a major topic of discussion in the Network. In the end, the news of the rupture of the actress with her third husband, which happened, as it turned out, a year ago, the army divided its fans into two camps: one sided Evelina, others have supported Alexander. Simultaneously, the ex-spouse of a star has faced harassment from fans of his wife.

Many followers Evelina, having learned that Alexander had already started a new novel, feel the need to contact him through social networks. As a result, his blog was filled with dozens of not very nice reviews of concerned fans. “Sorry son… lost dad”, “Left such a wonderful child as well?”, “Don’t want to believe that Alexander really capable of that”, “it Was clear that sooner or later he will run away from Evelina, And how after such to trust men… a Very ugly thing to leave a woman with a sun child,” write ex-husband Bledans.

Evelina hurried to side with the ex-husband. She made an official appeal to the fans, asking them to be patient and not jump to conclusions. “Sasha was a wonderful husband and will forever remain my best friend and a wonderful father Samochka! And we will continue to actively engage in the socialization of people with down syndrome together with our Foundation,” said Evelyn. Today in the program “live with Andrey Malakhov”, will be known all the details of the gap Evelina and Alexander