Софья Бугера — молодая певица, талантливый автор песен

“Sophia Bugera? Who is it?” — you will ask. And fans of alternative rock will answer: “Rising star!”. Today it is a young girl, a student of the Moscow provincial College of art, faculty of pop vocal. However, despite her youth, she is already the author of about 40 songs. Venues appears with the famous rock band “the year of the snake”. But other information about a young singer almost none.

We had the opportunity to ask questions of the fans, personally the Sophia Búger. Journalists the girl made a very different impression. Delicate, fragile, a little embarrassing, but with a confident perspective and willingness to speak frankly.

— Identify the main traits of his character.

The steadfast tin soldier, although often vulnerable. Do not know how to fend for themselves. People say that I am arrogant and closed, but it is not. Actually I just don’t know how to do the first step, but to communicate with people I actually really like it.

— Is there anything in your life of the people, by which you become a singer?

Yes, of course! And this is my mother. She always sang at home, at parties for friends. One day her friend invited to his birthday in a restaurant. Mom as one of the gifts was going to sing a few songs. The result was a four-hour recital. And now my mom, an interior designer, was invited to work in a well-known singer in our city restaurant. Visitors because of her institution increased considerably. People come to listen to my mother. By day, she has developed design projects, and in the evening went to sing.

— In addition to mothers and College teachers can Sophia Bouguer someone to call their teacher with a capital letter?

Yes. And I’m lucky that in my life appeared a man. Alex Markovnikov — unchallenged, for 16 years, leader of the rock group “the year of the snake”. We met about a year ago. He basically changed my Outlook, taught me to love every day.

— You can define the style in which you are doing?

I suppose I can’t. My music, my songs are my soul. The first song was born when I was 14 years old, she was dedicated to the beautiful woman. To my great regret, it is no more with us. Then the only way I was able to Express her sadness. To date, written about 40 songs. Song Is “Gori”. In difficult times it returns faith to me and the people around me.