George Clooney spoke about his guilt

Джордж Клуни рассказал о своем чувстве вины
The actor spoke about his guilt.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney, who first became a father
this summer, extremely responsible attitude to their duties. Though
the actor, when he’s home, tries to help his wife Amal as much as possible, it is admitted Clooney
anyway, all the time tormented by a guilt complex.

As told George, Amal, which is in June
2017 had twins Ella and Alexander, still feeding babies breast —
every three hours. And George, instead of sleep, every time
jumps up with her. Moreover, not only in order to help her, but also
due to the fact that it is tormented by guilt.

As for Amal, which
time to relax quite a bit, she
found an original way to escape from their Affairs while the kids are asleep. As told
George, she suddenly fell in love with to revise the old series with his participation —
“Ambulance”, where Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross. Moreover, since, as she
addicted to this lesson, she continuously pokes fun at husband’s
past 10 years George has visibly aged. “Thank God that
I do still have hair, albeit gray. And of course, I know that the age
reflected on my face. But Amal doesn’t understand how lucky she is that she doesn’t
got a different guy than I was 10 years ago!” — grumbles in response Clooney.

Recall that before meeting Amal, George
do behave quite differently. After all, since in 1989 he
divorced from his first wife Talia balsam, you’ll be, he had to change almost a dozen
girlfriends, earning a reputation as an incorrigible bachelor. Even such
beauty Kelly Preston, Lisa Snowdon, Elizabeth Canalis and Stacy Keebler not
was able to convince him to give up the status of free men. How Amal managed
it re — still remains a mystery.