Vladimir Korenev showed up unknown family

У Владимира Коренева объявилась неизвестная семья Natalia Ivanova argues that it gave birth to the daughter from the popular actor. For 43 years she hid this secret from the famous artist. Now the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter dream to get acquainted with Vladimir Korenev.

      У Владимира Коренева объявилась неизвестная семья

      Popular actor Vladimir Korenev was made famous by ichthyander roles in the movie “amphibian Man”. In Soviet times, the young actor knew everything, and many girls wanted to meet the star of the screen and sought meetings with him. On the program “Let them talk” Natalia Ivanova stated that Vladimir Korenev has a illegitimate daughter.

      The woman remembered that when she was resting in the suburban house of rest “fir”, there came the famous actor. According to Ivanova, she managed to get acquainted with Vladimir Korenev, and later it turned out that she was pregnant with his child.

      “He said, “How relaxed you’re getting?” Of course, then this conversation closer started. Then it continued again after that. “Let us talk”. Invited me to further communication. We went into the room, started to talk to him. I kind of supported his mood. And then it happened all by itself, what was going to happen,” recalls Natalia his acquaintance with a celebrity.

      Now, 43 years later, Natalia came to the Studio to talk about the unknown family of the actor. As it turned out, Vladimir Borisovich now have not only a daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter. It is the mother of the baby, which turned a month old, decided to turn to Andrei Malakhov, to acquaint his daughter with the famous great-grandfather.

      У Владимира Коренева объявилась неизвестная семья

      I must say that the Studio broke real dispute about whether or not these women have a relationship with Korenev. Experts argued that without a DNA test it’s hard to believe this story. However, Natalia did not offend the words of the guests in the Studio, because she is sure that the father of her daughter Eugenia it was Vladimir Borisovich. When the girl was 14 years old, she learned that her father is a famous actor, who played the lchthyander.

      However, the Vladimir Korenev on it. Women claim that they do not need anything from the famous actor, only to have it acquainted with their family.

      У Владимира Коренева объявилась неизвестная семья

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