Gosha Kutsenko for the first time came out with my younger daughter

Гоша Куценко впервые вышел в свет с младшей дочерью
Little Jack played a major role in the new clip of the Pope.

Гоша Куценко впервые вышел в свет с младшей дочерью

Irina Skrinichenko with her daughter Eugenia

At the presentation of the video for the song “Love like this” Gosha Kutsenko has appeared
together with his wife Irina, Skrinichenko and with my younger daughter, Eugenia. For
year-old girl it was her first social outing! Moreover, Zhenya became a full-fledged
the heroine, as she played in the clip the main role. Together with
mom and dad (Irene skrinichenko in the video got the role of a lover of the protagonist — of course, her own husband).

Daughter Kutsenko quiet perceived hype. “She is very
funny calls me — Gosia”, —
shared the actor with 7days.ru. But he carefully watched
the reaction of the girls and at one point asked: “let’s let go of Eugene. You
don’t want her to cry?”

Remember Kutsenko and about the infancy of his daughter. Like all
parents, he and his wife got a sleepless night. “When Eugene was two months, I came home
from the shooting in the morning. Suddenly our bedroom door opens and Irina racking
the crib with the words “can not, want to sleep” and leaves the daughter to my care. I had to forget about sleep and to take my wife, of course”.

Gosha Kutsenko with his wife Irene, Skrinichenko and daughter Eugenia

The plot of the movie in the life of the goshi there is a girl from
space… “Love This” — not just a video, it’s part of real life Kutsenko,
it is the most personal and expensive, than not every artist is ready to share with the public.

The entire production process, according to Gosha, was very
interesting and hard, come to work, to the production of this movie.
The Department of computer graphics Studio “Electronic” has developed a special way
space girls, then marry filmed from different angles, repeated the motion,
it’s been handed down on the screen space girl. Style wanted to achieve
effect documentary footage to computer graphics looked

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