Владимир Фриске заявил, что книга Шепелева об отношениях с Жанной — вранье и позор

Soon the world will see the book Dmitry Shepelev, in which he tells about that period of his life when he was linked with Zhanna Friske, about their love, the birth of the son, and of the struggle for life against the “plague of the XXI century” — cancer.

Fans of the entertainer and most of Joan in anticipation of the release of the book, because I want to learn everything first hand in the larger version, but the Friske family not happy with the fact that their invalid son-in-law can not leave their daughter alone: “our family has no consent asked! This book is a disgrace, a lie! Not going to read it! – categorically declared Vladimir Friske. – I doubt very much that he wrote it himself, most likely, did the guy we met when Jeanne passed rehabilitation in Jurmala. He daughter offered to make a book about it, we refused. That is probably about it Shepelev and remembered. In this book there will be no word of truth, he releases her in order to earn money!”

According to Vladimir Borisovich, it makes no sense to write about what was the relationship between Dmitry and Jeanne, and all the better if he told the truth about what methods the presenter treated a dying Friske as and introduced her into a state of unconsciousness: “I wish he wrote it like six months to stuff my daughter a nano-vaccines purchased in the U.S., which, as it turned out, it is contraindicated. Elya after them even into unconsciousness. I have forbidden him to do these shots. Let him tell in his book about how he came to her, sick with power of attorney, so she rewrote his house in the suburbs, as gave her the ring when she was already dying.”

Cynicism Shepelev, according to Vladimir Borisovich, lies in the fact that after the death of his second half,” Dimitri never went to her grave, and before his death for several months she’s had no contact, “the Last three months he never came to her bedroom, so I watched from afar and all. After the death of Jeanne he never saw her grave, not a penny was given for the funeral and then the book writes. Such cynics, the world has never seen!”