Агутин пожаловался, что кресло Градского в «Голосе» ему велико

The singer, who took the place of Alexander Gradsky in the fifth season of “the Voice”, told Woman’s Day in Sochi about how he was given back to the project.

Last Friday, on the First channel started the annual project “the Voice.” The main intrigue of the season was the absence of Alexander Gradsky, the once longtime mentor, who served in the project four seasons in a row. In the same year, in his chair – Leonid Agutin. Woman’s Day could not help but ask the singer, who is currently in Sochi at the “New wave”, how he feels in the seat of the master.

“It’s far too large, – said Leonid. — On the return I thought. The first passage I gradually was trained to do this. At first we fired live so that it was even a bit unpleasant. Then to the children’s Voice” strongly persuaded, then the adult was not persuaded. And put before the fact.”

Leonid also noted the high professional level of participants of this season and spoke about his strategy:

“Where should I change? Later. He is what he is. I will do the same. You know, to bend to circumstances – a senseless idea. I’m probably doing something wrong, if you want to win. But I don’t have a hysterical desire, such that either victory or death. I just answer some things for which I was taken. I understand this. For certain music, styles, genres, number. Part of the audience from me looking forward to this, I can’t let them down. This is the most decisive. And there already as it will turn out,” admitted Agutin.