Константин Хабенский снимается вместе с Кристофером Ламбертом

International constellations. Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky and French actor Christophe Lambert (or, as it is called in Hollywood, Christopher Lambert) will star in the military drama “the Legend of escape,” based on real events that occurred during the Second world war.

In the story of a Soviet Army Lieutenant, Alexander Pechersky is in a concentration camp and is planning an uprising of prisoners. It was the only successful uprising in the history of the war – soldiers and hundreds of prisoners managed to win the SS and escape.
The author of the script was Alexander Abashian, and it was directed by Andrei Malyukov (“thunder gate”, “We from the future”, “Saboteur”). The main role, as you may have guessed, went to Constantine Habenskogo, but his French colleague got the role of a commandant of a concentration camp. Will appear in the film project and Maria Kozhevnikova – she plays the role of a Dutch Jewish young woman.
The film will shoot in Latvia, where according to special drawings were created decorations that are appropriate to buildings of the concentration camp Sobibor. Support is provided by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of culture of Israel, the Foundation of Alexander Pechersky and the Military historical society of the Russian Federation.
This is not the first attempt to recreate on the screen the story. The Hollywood version of “Escape from Sobibor”, made in the 80s, starring Rutger Hauer.