Владимир Фриске: «Жанна подписывала все документы для Димы под морфием» Lawyers for the family of the singer believe that the power of attorney Shepeleva is a fake. Scandal in the family between the artist and the father of her child erupted with renewed force. Father of Jeanne Friske intends to prove in court that all the papers that supposedly gave Dmitry Shepelev right to manage the finances of the stars can not be recognized as valid.

    Владимир Фриске: «Жанна подписывала все документы для Димы под морфием»

    After the death of Jeanne Friske her family and failed to establish a relationship with Dmitry Shepelev. No matter how trying the parties to agree – neither peacefully nor through litigation – to a common denominator, they never came. Moreover, the process, which lasts from the beginning of the year, has been delayed. The next hearing will take place in September. The moral strength of Vladimir Borisovich already on the wane. However, day in day out all the new circumstances that require detailed study. This time in the hands of the family were the documents to consider who come from the lawyers.

    We are talking about powers of attorney who have used Dmitry Shepelev at the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of land and construction of the house, the disposal of the singer in various banks and other financial issues.

    “Our lawyers believe that the power of attorney of Joan on the right of disposal of its funds, issued by Dmitry Shepelev – counterfeit, – has shared with “StarHit” Vladimir Borisovich. They even found the man who it was. The fact that I myself am not a lawyer, the intricacies do not understand. Received the documents for the inheritance, so they started to check when and what is purchased. For example, a house in the suburbs Dima bought when she was already sick. Jeanne had to be treated, and he was engaged in real estate. Daughter was under morphine, was administered daily for 3-4 times. Jeanne was almost unconscious and could barely see. In that state, apparently signed the documents. Soon we will deal with all the papers. The innocence of my wife to the history of money has been proven.”

    According to Vladimir Friske, he feels not very good. The man still wants to see her grandson, but hope less. At the moment, the family is busy with issues of commemorative events to be held in memory of their daughter. In the fall, will host a concert dedicated to Jeanne.

    Also in Balashikha, where Vladimir and Olga Friske, the Church is being built. There will be a bridge for lovers who are married, want to name in honour of the dearly departed singer.

    “The rector of the Church, father Alexander, suggested naming the bridge in honor of Anne – Jeanne’s name at baptism, – continues Vladimir Friske. – Gave me time to think. We need to understand how much it all will cost. The layout of the future bridge is already there.

    Recall that the cause of protracted litigation between the family of Jeanne Friske and its civil husband have become the debate about the meetings and grandparents with a three year old Plato. Over the past year, the family allowed only once to meet the baby. Dmitry Shepelev then allowed the family to pass the boy the gifts that were purchased back in April, the day of his birth. The meeting was held on neutral ground in Moscow.

    “Was my mom and I, – has shared with “StarHit” Natasha Friske. – Dad could not, he was unwell. Dima himself chose the site, he was accompanied by three guards, also observed the meeting of a family therapist. God, Plato – copy mother. Immediately recognized my grandmother and I called aunt Tata. Are unable to hold back the tears, because I haven’t seen our boy. The psychologist was asked to take himself in hand. Talked about half an hour. Gave talking about toys. I hope that we will see”.

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