Жену Джонни Деппа застали с миллиардером Divorce amber heard and her husband is not yet complete. Hollywood stars severed ties with the scandal. The actress has accused her husband of beating. But it seems that amber heard found solace in the arms of another man.

      Amber heard came in after a scandal with johnny Depp. The actress accused a famous husband that he beat her. As proof, she provided a photo with abrasions on the face. These pictures spread all over the world, but they have not helped amber set up against johnny’s fans and family.

      Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO

      Apparently, this fact does not upset the herd. She is on the verge of single life and is in search of a new men of their dreams. Perhaps soon they will become billionaire Elon Musk. British tabloid The Daily Mail published a photo of actress and founder of Tesla. Thanks to him, fans of the stars have the opportunity to ensure that the herd spends time in the company of the oligarch. Allegedly, the couple was hanging out at one of the clubs of London. Together with them were spotted Cara Delevingne and Jared Leto. According to rumors, friendly company celebrated the premiere of the film “suicide Squad”.

      Those fans who closely follow the life of 30-year-old amber know that the 45-year-old Elon has repeatedly spent time in her company. So, according to British media reports, the couple dined in Los Angeles, was seen in the office of a billionaire and rested in his Bungalow in Miami. By the way, Elon is now also divorced with his wife, actress Talulah Riley.

      We will remind, at the moment, the process of divorce amber heard and johnny Depp. The court hearing on this case was postponed due to the graphics actor. It is expected that it will take place in mid-August. Until that time, the star of the film “pirates of the Caribbean” it is forbidden to approach the house of the spouse and any way to communicate with her. Hollywood actor went on a tour with a group of Hollywood Vampires.

      Johnny Depp refuses to talk about amber heard

      Interestingly, in defense of johnny Depp stood by his family. People don’t believe that the actor was able to hit a woman. They suspect amber is that she has evil plans to seize part of the wealth Depp. Even the ex-girlfriend of the actor Winona Ryder was inclined to believe that he was not involved in the charges.

      “I can only speak about my own experience relationship with him, which, of course, may be completely different from his other novels. But to me he never allowed the slightest of insults. I know him only as a very kind, loving, caring man who would never hurt his beloved,” said the actress.


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