Владимир Фриске: «Перед смертью Жанна подарила Платону крестик, а Шепелев его выбросил» The singer’s father is outraged by the fact that the presenter sets up the child against them – grandparents. Vladimir Borisovich considers that Dmitry Shepelev did not care about that four-year-old Plato, remembered a mother who died of cancer.
Владимир Фриске: «Перед смертью Жанна подарила Платону крестик, а Шепелев его выбросил»

In June 2015, the popular singer Zhanna Friske died of brain cancer. For two and a half years after the tragedy of her family – parents and civil husband Dmitry Shepelev – can’t come to an agreement. They blame each other for the loss of huge sums of money, collected on treatment of the artist, and also not able to determine the order of the meeting with her son – four-year-old Plato. Celebrity father Vladimir Friske came to the Studio of the program “Secret of a million” to re-tell about the difficult situation in the family.

Pope Joan still can not find a common language with Dimitri. Moreover, it is certain that man does not seek to keep the memory of the child memories about mom.

Driver Zhanna Friske: “Shepelev called her parents fools”

“Before the death of Jeanne gave Plato the cross, and this cross he threw,” – said Vladimir Borisovich.
Владимир Фриске: «Перед смертью Жанна подарила Платону крестик, а Шепелев его выбросил»

Also, the singer’s father remembered how he left his daughter. He frankly told how Jeanne struggled with a terrible diagnosis to the last breath believed in a miracle. For the first time, a grief-stricken father will announce to the whole country the last words of the actress.

“This game we will win,” and never talked about it,” recalled Vladimir Borisovich.

Friske admitted that before his death he will think of Jeanne. Now, however, dreaming about regular meetings with the only grandchild. The parents of the singer are even ready to give Shepelevo home of his daughter, only to be able to communicate freely with the child. They believe that Dmitry configures the boy against them, suggesting that grandparents took myself a mansion and money.

Two years without mom: how to live a little son of Zhanna Friske

Also father of Jeanne Friske spoke again about the theft charge. He is ready to account for every penny spent on her daughter’s treatment. Vladimir Borisovich has told, in whose pockets, in his opinion, settled tens of millions of rubles. The man suspects this Dmitry Shepelev.

Parents of Jeanne Friske lost in the struggle with the “Rusfond”

“On the treatment of 83 million left. After 9-11 days after the death removed at once by 15 million after five days – five million. Mom said, when Jeanne became very bad, he was forced to sign some documents,” recalled a man.

Vladimir Borisovich is shocked that Dmitry Shepelev, according to him, two and a half years so never and has not appeared at the grave of Joan…

Details a Frank conversation with the father of Zhanna Friske see Saturday, December 23, at 17.00 on NTV in the program “the Secret to a million.”