Принц Уильям учудил на глазах у беременной Кейт Миддлтон On British television showed record annual show, which is visited by members of the Royal family. One of the girls who participated in the event, asked William to depict a galloping horse. As a result, the act of the Duke of Cambridge to discuss not only in Britain but abroad.
Принц Уильям учудил на глазах у беременной Кейт Миддлтон

In late November, Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate Middleton visited the traditional gala evening of Royal Variety Performance at the palladium theatre. And recently, the show was shown on TV.

One of the most memorable and fun moments of the evening was the gallop heir to the British throne. William decided to fulfill the wish of one of the girls, emerged on the scene. The child is asked to portray the Prince’s horse. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II went to meet the little girl and laugh all around, including wife Kate Middleton. Apparently, she, too, was in a great mood.

Movements of Prince William instantly spread through social networks. Internet users have even made a. gif image, which the Duke of Cambridge masterfully demonstrates the gallop. Fans of the Royal family was delighted by the sense of humor grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. “Legend”, “I’m hysterical”, “I Love it”, “That’s why I love sons of Princess Diana. They behave like normal people who want to have fun”, “Great performance”, “the star of the show”, commented sudden a scene social media users.

By the way, Prince William and Kate Middleton attended another event – lunch of Queen Elizabeth II, which was organized on the eve of Christmas. The family dinner was also attended by Harry and his bride, American actress Meghan Markle. It is expected that the lovers married 19 may 2018 at St George’s chapel Windsor castle. William and Kate were among the first to congratulate the couple on this important event. The couple left a touching wish. “We are incredibly happy for Harry and Megan. Our meeting with Megan went well. Watch as they make each other happy, amazing,” – said in an official statement, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The bride of Prince Harry debuted a black tie event, which was organized by Elizabeth II

Recall that William and Kate are preparing for the replenishment of the family. The couple announced the happy news in early September. Thus the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II will become the father of many children. Because of the strong toxicity of Middle had to limit their appearances. Apparently, now Kate feels much better. Recently, the beloved William again appears at events and willingly posing for photographers, smiling widely. According to many, it looks amazing.