Владимир Епифанцев не дает развод своей жене
The wife already more than a year trying to arrange the formalities.

Vladimir yepifantsev and Anastasia

Photo: Yury Feklistov

45-year-old Vladimir yepifantsev and 32-year-old Anastasiya Vedenskaya
was married for 11 years, married and had sons, Gordey and Orfey. However, for
the last few years, relations between spouses went wrong. The people of Vladimir and Anastasia posing as a strong couple. But
business actors do not live together for more than a year. Anastasia filed for divorce, but
Vladimir does not agree with the decision of his wife.

Vedenskaya in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” frankly said that has long been separated from her husband. “We have a year don’t live with him, but Vladimir yepifantsev somehow
does not give me a divorce, says the actress. —
I’m 11 years lived with a very difficult person. And I believe that if something is not
happy in life and brings pain and disappointment, you need to leave immediately, without

Anastasia admitted that lately Epifantsev
completely forgotten how to control emotions: “I do Not like male hysteria. In
the last time he was very nervous. More important to me than the harmony of them
love all these disputes.”

Moreover, Anastasia stated that she has already started a new
romance with a former member of the show “dancing with the stars,” the 32-year-old Vladimir Tacchini.
Sons, Gordey and Orfey live with my mother, Epifantsev visit them in your free time.