Star of the cult film “50 shades of grey” tired of sex

Звезда культового фильма «50 оттенков серого» устала от секса
Dakota Johnson regrets that he got involved in this project.

Звезда культового фильма «50 оттенков серого» устала от секса

Dakota Johnson

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one interview
gave on the eve of the release of the next film in the franchise “50 shades of grey” the 27-year-old Dakota Johnson, the actress made an unexpected confession. The movie star said that she was tired
sex. Starring for movies of this series
countless sex scenes, she decided that she had already had enough of this topic.

“Not that I started
to feel all this disgust, but I’m really ready and want to do
something else!” commented Dakota. Moreover, she admitted that
sometimes starts to regret I even started this project.

yet, fortunately, this movie is not my “Swan song”. I still hope to do in
my life much more interesting. Besides, in fairness, it should
to say that shooting in the franchise gave me
and a lot of good – the ability to travel, to meet different
people…”, — said the actress.

although “Shades of grey” introduced the Dakota in the big League of celebrities, it is still not
can decide to show the movie praise her to her parents, Melanie Griffith and
Don Johnson. “I’m afraid me and it would be awkward if they saw me in
the film is almost entirely devoted to the study of sexual relations!” —
noticed Dakota.

Dakota Johnson in “fifty shades darker”

Photo: Outnow

for her the most, then, according to Johnson, in her personal life, the shooting played
obviously not the positive role. As told by Dakota, men began openly
fear, clearly confusing the actress with her character — a lover of bdsm. In the end, personal life Johnson was destroyed. Even her boyfriend Matthew hill, whom she met a couple of years, did not survive the flood on its
girlfriend this week and chose to retire.