37-летний Дмитрий Хрусталев борется с облысением
Showman decided to transplant my hair.

Dmitry Khrustalev

Dmitry Khrustalev than once joked about his own bald head and is never offended when
the surrounding was making caustic remarks about his appearance. But this time the showman has decided to draw attention to the lack of hair on his head. He agrees to transplant yourself
chest hair on the head, but only under one condition: it has Instagram
gain no less than 8 million subscribers.

“A couple of years ago, when I
came Instagram, I bet a friend that if I score 154 319
subscribers, the transplanted chest hair on the skull, — says Dmitry. — So I
wrong! It turns out you have 8 million subscribers! Condition Real Trans Hair”.

from Khrustaleva, there are just 154 thousand subscribers. How many must pass
time to catch up with Olga Buzova and Vera Brezhneva (namely, the pages of these stars in social networks such indicators) is unknown.

However, many fans Khrustalev asking his idol to leave it as is, because they
loved that. And the hair — not the main thing in life, when there is
amazing sense of humor.