Vladimir Dolinsky tried to commit suicide in prison

Владимир Долинский пытался покончить с собой в тюрьме The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Dolinsky frankly told about how a year was in jail and then in prison, he learned that his abandoned wife.
Владимир Долинский пытался покончить с собой в тюрьме

Vladimir Dolinsky became famous after starring in humorous TV show “Tavern “13 chairs”. On the wave of success, the actor went to jail.

In 1973, the famous actor was convicted for illegal foreign exchange transactions. In recognition Dolinsky, he faces 5 to 15 years of imprisonment or even capital punishment – execution. He deliberately went on the offense to secure a second wife Natalia and her daughter. Just the actor was married four times, one marriage was a sham.

Владимир Долинский пытался покончить с собой в тюрьме “Search the house, in short, a month I have walked, I testified to the girl from whom I bought dollars… And Lefortovo, a year and 17 days I spent in the cell under investigation. It was scary! This life actor to say goodbye, there is a “Pub”… Suddenly, in one second, you are put into a black Volga and on Lubyanka. Those were hard times,” shared the actor.

While in the chamber, Dolinsky came up with a plan. He specifically cut his wrists to the guards mistook him for a mentally ill. According to the actor, from the mental hospital it was easier to escape.

“I tore open a vein and everything. Took me, made, sewed, took all metal objects from the camera. But the fish bone is the same razor! And here cut my throat!” – confessed the actor.
Владимир Долинский пытался покончить с собой в тюрьме

In the chamber he was expecting another blow from his mother he learned that his wife had turned her out and she had another man. According to Dolinsky, he was very upset by the betrayal of the woman he loved.

“I believed in her… in Front of four years in prison, it is not. For what to live?” – told Dolinsky.

After investigation, he was sent to a colony-settlement. As he admitted, there he began to turn the new novels and soon forgot his unfaithful wife. Among his mistresses was the wife of the local district, rural teacher… In total, the artist spent away from home a little more than three years. When he came back, he met an old friend Tatiana. With it, the actor also tried to create a family, but again disappointment awaited.

“Tanya… She gave birth to, we have a small, eight-month-old boy. On the third day he died. We even came up with names – Artem”, – said Vladimir. The tragedy broke up the marriage Dolinsky, they soon divorced.

The actor candidly said that he had many novels. But only the last fifth wife Natalia Volkova, according to him, he finally found happiness. The couple had a daughter Pauline.

Vladimir frankly admitted that the appearance of a child checked out of their relationship for strength. He once cheated on his wife with an actress from his theater. But soon changed his mind and came back to Natalia.