Внучка Никиты Михалкова показала фигуру после родов Alexander took part in the project, timed to launch a collection of fashionable clothes. Together with the daughter of Stepan Mikhalkov, the photographers posed her little son Theodore. While the young woman prefers not to show the baby’s face.
Внучка Никиты Михалкова показала фигуру после родов

This year 26-year-old Alexandra, the daughter of a restaurateur Stepan Mikhalkov and his first wife Alla Sivakova, became a mother. From the successor of the famous names born charming boy, whom they named Theodore. Alexander loves his son and tries to hold him every minute of free time. Apparently, she even dedicated his new role as a separate page in Instagram, but chose to hide posts from prying eyes.

Recently, in the microblogging stylist and DJ Natalia Turovnikova there was a picture of a young mother. Apparently, Alexander quickly came into shape after the replenishment in the family. A young woman offered to take part in a photo shoot for Turovnikova collaboration with a young Russian brand. Unisex things are worked on, the designers turned out simple, concise. In the collection you can find jackets and pants, sweatshirts, and shirts with short sleeves.

Внучка Никиты Михалкова показала фигуру после родов

The photo that appeared in social networks, Sasha captured in a long, light cloak with Golden patterns, jeans and a vest. Image Mikhalkova complements stylish sneakers. Apparently, the successor of the famous names came to the shooting with his son – in the picture you can also see the stroller. However, the face of Theodore Sasha prefers not to show it. She’s probably waiting for when he gets bigger.

In addition to Mikhalkov, in the project, timed to the start line, lit up dancers Mariana Gomez, Igor Tsvirko, Evgenia Samara, David Motta Soares, Nikita Kapustin, producer Alexey Kiselev, photographer Olga Izakson, players Eugene Sandin and Fedor Gusynin, DJ Vitaly Kozak and many others.

Recall that the replenishment in the family Mikhalkov became known in February. The joyful news was shared by Stephen, son of Nikita Khrushchev. “When the daughter gives birth to a grandbaby, I can not help Recalling moments from the recent past. It seems that the recent” – said the restaurateur in social networks.

Surrounded by Sasha told “StarHit” that the heiress of the famous family and her 23-year-old chosen one, the star of the film “Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov Peter starlings, focused on caring for the son. “Pregnancy was quite easy childbirth too. Now the pair spends little. And relatives help them with pleasant troubles,” said a friend of the family.

About his interesting position Sasha Mikhalkov announced in October last year. Then she posted the picture with a noticeably rounded belly. Apparently, later, she and her partner have registered the relationship.