Vlad Sokolovsky infected with a dangerous virus in Bali

Влад Соколовский заразился опасным вирусом на Бали
The singer said that the two days spent in fever.

Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: @Vlad Sokolovsky vs20 Instagram

In January, Vlad Sokolovsky moved the family to spend the winter in Bali. Contrary to expectations, living on a fabulous island has not turned serene. First, he drove a rented scooter, and after that it was infected with a dangerous virus. The main problem was that Sokolowski instead of having to go to a local doctor, tried to be treated independently.

“Sorry I was gone for almost 2 days, but I am very strict sick! I honestly don’t understand what happened to me! I was in a fever with a temperature of under 40 and were breaking all the bones like I’m the guy on the ship (from the movie Cloud Atlas), I understood it like never… Today is the first day I more or less can Express their thoughts and generally staring at a phone! Sick on vacation is somehow doubly insulting. Friends, warmed, stay healthy, not get sick!” says Sokolowski.

The other day Vlad and his family members had been one more trouble. “Near the Villa of artists lit up the rice fields. And in the air almost no oxygen I could. “It was the worst day of my life — said Dakota. — I rocked MIA and prayed that he vanished. The whole evening I spent on the bathroom floor with a sobbing daughter. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to another room for water or a toy. So lonely and helpless I have never felt. Thank God she’s all right. But while running back and forth 15 times, inhaled. I spent the whole night feverish. I cried all night. So now we move on again to the South, away from the North extreme”.